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we represent the first and -for now- only professional manufacturer of customized floors. We provide situation-specific, digitally produced vinyl flooring plants.

The possibilities are as endless as your imagination!

We provide CFPP solutions for our clients in different parts of the world. Please contact us for a possible cooperation for the setup of this unique concept in your continent. Each continent will have one Production Unit.
Our next aim it to start in the Middle East. With our new printing technology digitally produced custom floors can be printed in any size or measurement and any design imaginable can be printed seamlessly without loss of quality. This technology allows to create various rooms, themes and atmospheres for different environments and effects to reach your goals!

The floors are durable and long lasting, fire resistant, slip resistant and top of the line products are certified for use in high-hygiene requirement sectors such as hospitals and laboratories.

“We provide flooring that meets industry specific requirements for different applications.”


Our high quality floors can be used in almost any setting, and there are many different applications. Below you will find a number of categorized examples of our floors in different settings. Because of the flexibility of our product we can create any environment in any building according to your specifications.



Design can have a large impact on our perception of a certain company, area or space. It can even affect our mood. When designing a space, the desired ambience can be created by taking advantage of the psychological effects of color, aesthetics and design styles.


High Quality Photography

Due to our high quality custom printing technology we are capable of printing our floors in stunning quality, bringing life to the floors with crystal clear imagery.


Branding and Events

People will subconsciously take notice of anything on the floor as a conditioned response in order to avoid tripping, attention also automatically goes to anything that stands out, using these responses by creating high quality and breathtaking advertisements on the floor is an amazing way to raise brand awareness.



Routing is a very powerful way of guiding and leading people to their desired destinations, through the use of lines, colors, carpets, pathways, signs and more you can allow for easy navigation in any indoor environment.


Healthcare and Hygiene

In the healthcare sector cleanliness and hygiene are of crucial importance. Our flooring solution offers a completely sterile environment that is easily cleanable with a low maintenance surface and fits the cleaning regime that is essential in the healthcare sector, while also adding colour to the hospital floors.

Floor Options

Our floors are custom printed vinyl. We produce 4 flooring options with different specifications, certified for every situation. All of the floors, can be uniquely custom-designed and printed for any room in any shape and size. The production facility guides and makes sure that expectations will be met. The customer is involved during the design phase to make sure the design meets expectations. Part of the design phase is also determining the best way to install the products in large printed formats. With our state-of-the-art technique it is possible to seamlessly connect two rolls of the product.

Our floors can be produced and created in the following four different qualities to meet different demands and circumstances.


Some inspiration for your own personalized floor designs, the possibilities are limitless and we welcome any challenge for customized floors.

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